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the pilates method

"I have the lean dancer's look that I have always wanted."
-Sherrese Smith

Joseph Pilates created his philosophy and set of exercises during WWI in order to facilitate the recovery of injured soldiers. Pilates believed that if one could control their core muscles through the power of the mind and proper breathing, they could achieve integrative strength from the inside out. Through purposeful control of the body, Contrology, later renamed Pilates, develops the body uniformly, improves posture, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.

Pilates focuses on four primary principles, stability, strength, stretch, and stamina, to ultimately create a more agile and balanced body with longer leaner muscles. Correspondingly, it reawakens thousands of dormant brain cells; thus, stimulating further functions of the mind, resulting in a sensation of "uplift". Although Pilates originated as a form of rehabilitation, millions of people now practice it for injury prevention and to attain an overall healthier lifestyle.

pilates apparatus sessions

The most effective way to learn the pilates method is through one-on-one pilates apparatus instruction. The apparatus offers assistance and resistance of your body weight and allows ranges of motion impossible without the use of the equipment. Most importantly, apparatus expedites the changes that your body will acheive through mat work alone.

All clients will begin with private sessions in order to learn the foundational exercises with the full attention of an experienced instructor. Once you have reached a level of strength, technical proficiency and bodily awareness to safely work with a partner, you are eligible for duet and, ultimately, trio sessions. Not only does working in a small group add an element of competition further intensifying your workout, but it also reduces the cost so you can come three times a week - the way pilates is intended.

Price per private session ranges from $90-$105

Price per duet session ranges from $67-$82

Price per trio session ranges from $57-$72



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