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"After much searching, I was happy to find Georgetown Pilates,
where the instructors are all classically trained, certified,
and have years of experience." -Rochelle Hall


heather perry


Heather Perry, owner of Georgetown Pilates, spent 13 years in The Washington Ballet company and was trained under the watchful eye of Mary Day in the Washington School of Ballet. She spent time training at The School of American Ballet in NYC as well. While with The Washington Ballet, Heather got to perform works by world renound choreographers, and work with some great artists, namely Nacho Duato, Yuri Killian, Dwight Rhoden, Desmond Richardson, works by George Balanchine and Choo San Goh, Trey McIntyre, Suzanne Farrell and many more. While a principal dancer in one of the world's greatest chamber companies, Heather sustained numerous injuries as a result of the rigorous schedule a professional dancer endures. By engaging in physical therapy sessions, she came to learn about pilates and found that it alleviated pain and her injuries began to dissipate. Heather decided to begin teacher training with Power Pilates, NYC, aspiring to educate young dancers and train them as a form of preventative medicine.

Heather trained with disciples of Romana Kryzanowska, who was a direct diciple of Joseph Pilates. Teachers such as Bob Liekens, Susan Moran-Perich, Karen Garcia, Peter Fiasca, Erin Horst and many more, played a roll in her education. While studying to teach Pilates, the art of Contrology, she discovered the vast benefits pilates holds for all ages and walks of life. Providing a therapeutic element to exercise.

Some of her continuing education courses include:

• Pilates For Seniors - focusing on the prevention of osteoporosis and other back ailments
• Pilates For Men
• Pilates For Athletes
• Pilates Special Needs
• Creative Spine Corrector
• Enchanted Wunda Chair
• Advanced/Super Advanced
• Reformer/ Mat
• Ladder Barrel With Bob Liekens
• Reformer On The Mat
• The Art Of Touch And Spot
• Intermediate / Advanced Tower
• Pilates With The Physioball
• Pilates For Pregnant Women
• Mat With Weights
• Magic Circle Madness and more

sharon henry

Sharon Henry has been a dedicated student of the classical pilates method since 1996. She received her initial certification in 1999 from Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska. Since 1998, Sharon has continued her training with Bob Liekens, former Director at Power Pilates, and, in early 2004, she completed her second comprehensive certification through the Power Pilates Bridge Program.


Her rigorous, hands-on teaching style is blended with humor, patience, and compassion as well as a keen eye for every "cheat" -- perhaps because she's done them all herself! She finds the greatest satisfaction in taking her clients beyond the choreography to connect to the deepest core of the method.


Her love of pilates is matched only by her passion for writing. She was previously an Artist in Residence at the Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts in Saratoga, CA and holds an MFA in writing from the University of Virginia. A cum laude graduate of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, she's been a journalist, writing instructor, and editor, but her post-punk novel is still a work-in-progress.


gina geise

Gina’s path to becoming a pilates instructor was quite serendipitous; and she is very excited to encourage others on their path to wellness and flexibility. After energetically putting her Bachelors of Architecture to good use in New York City, she realized that her current lifestyle wasn’t aligned with her long-term goals. Leaving the city behind, she moved to her hometown in Harrisburg PA, looking for the time to contemplate her aspirations. After dropping into a Pilates studio to check out a reformer, Gina discovered a new passion, classical pilates! She became such a frequent client that the owners suggested that she consider instructing at their studio. A year later she was certified through Power Pilates in NYC. She is thrilled to have studied under Master Teacher Trainers Bob Liekens and Susan Moran. Gina built a healthy clientele at the Pilates Experience in her hometown, working with most clients privately, each having various physical restraints and ranging from 16 to 75 years young.


While Gina appreciates the beauty and function of the classical method, she incorporates modern variations to challenge her clients both in mind and body - creating a holistic workout that not only creates a beautiful appearance, but keeps the body healthy and limber.


team member

ann tassey

  Ann became devoted to Pilates after completing four marathons and a sprint triathlon. Her injuries from over training brought her to the Pilates Studio, where she found a mind/body connection. She was surprised at how challenging small, precise movements could be, and how Pilates’ systematic approach changed her body. Soon, Pilates became an integral part of her life. After three years of private lessons and advanced training, she became a fully-certified Power Pilates instructor. She has been teaching Pilates for ten years and continues to participate in workshops and other forms of continuing education. Ann is certificated as a Personal Trainer and has completed two hundred hours towards full certification as a Yoga instructor. She is driven by her passion to help clients develop a strong, balanced, healthier body that works efficiently and provides a sense of wellness and strength from within.

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marisa tordella

  Marisa is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher and is classically trained through the Power Pilates 600-hour comprehensive training program. She believes the beauty of Pilates lies in its ability to challenge both individuals who are new to physical fitness as well as elite athletes with years of training.

In addition to teaching Pilates, Marisa works at Friends of Guest House, a non-profit in Alexandria, Virginia helping women transition from incarceration back into the community.

Her goal is to share her love of Pilates with all. She believes that movement heals and Pilates is for everybody!

team member

jennifer hopkins

Welcome Jennifer Hopkins! Jennifer is an apprentice who started as a student at GTP and now is at the tail end of her Power Pilates teacher training certification. We look forward to her joining our team! If you know of any friends or family members who would like to start a Pilates practice and find it to be a bit too pricey, our apprentice rates are less then fully certified instructor sessions and you still get a wonderful workout!

jennifer hopkins

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