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After years of back pain and disc problems - Georgetown Pilates has so strengthened my core that I have not had a back issue in two years and can crawl with my grandkids! Thank you Heather, you truly have saved my life!
                                                                               - Robert J Branson

I was referred to Georgetown Pilates over one year ago to begin to rehabilitate an aching back and to help me to achieve some much needed personal conditioning. I have availed myself both of the pilates and the MAT® therapy that is offered and both have been most beneficial. My aching back is not much of any issue. I am more toned and have lost over thirty pounds in the bargain. Without hesitation I can say that I have had a tremendously positive experience working with Georgetown Pilates and will continue to use their services.
                                                                          - Jim Rosenheim

I have been doing pilates since 2003, and after taking private lessons and classes all around the country, have learned how important a good instructor is. It is harder than you think to find classically-trained pilates teachers in Washington, and even harder to find one in Georgetown. After much searching, I was happy to find Georgetown Pilates, where the instructors are all classically-trained, certified, and have years of experience. It's a pleasure to work out at Georgetown Pilates.

                                                                             - Rochelle Hall

"Georgetown Pilates is the best high end sweat yet!

                                                                           - Fitness Crasher

Throughout my pregnancy, Heather and Alma worked with me to keep me fit, active, and flexible - personalizing the exercises to the changes my body was undergoing. Thanks to their efforts, I was able to avoid the delibitating hip pain I had had in my first pregnancy and, as a bonus, they kept me looking great throughout. Best of all, I was out of my maternity clothing within two weeks after giving birth, and back in my skinny jeans within four weeks. Thank you, Heather!

                                                                         - Shelby Pasarell Tsai

I started taking beginner pilates mat classes at Georgtown Pilates in September and was hooked from the first class. The space is clean and bright, classes are small enough that you get individual attention, and the online registration/cancellation is simple.  In less than 10 classes I noticed a difference in howmy jeans fit and realized that all of those planks were doing something to my arms... defining them!  If you want a small class with a nice, knowledgeable instructor who will make you work ridiculously hard - Georgetown Pilates is your place.
                                                                         - Sophie Latham


I have done Pilates back in my native Germany, but not like this.  Georgetown Pilates is professional, has good teachers, and is very effective. After only 1 session you can feel that it triggers muscles that you thought were long lost.  After 5 sessions, you can see your posture is better and feel more energetic.  Classes are small, so the teacher can pay attention to each individual and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, therefore you get the most out of your workout and strengthen and stretch every muscle.  It's totally worth it. I love it. 
                                                                      - Anika Otkovsky




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